Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thoughts on the next swap

I've been contemplating the next swap details and had an idea to organize it a little differently. I've been loving the Common Threads Quilting Bee. The concept is a wonderful modern twist on the old fashion quilting bee. My idea is loosely (very loosely) based on this concept.

My thought was to make the Easy Lap Quilt from the book, but instead of describing your tastes/style/likes to your swap partner this is what I propose:
  • You purchase our own fabric for the quilt. That way you definitely like the combination and can choose the fabrics that feel good against your skin (and you can spend as much or as little as you see fit).

  • I'll organize the swap partners then send you your partner's mailing address. You'll mail your fabric to that person.

  • She'll use the fabrics to create an Easy Lap Quilt then mail it back to you. The creating swapper can add embellishments or other creative elements such as applique, embroidery or free motion quilting. (Or not add anything, I'll leave it up to you.)

Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know what you think by casting a vote in the poll on the left sidebar. Of course, this doesn't commit you to swapping. I'm just trying to get a feel for what other's think of this idea. =]


TerriW said...

I LOVE this idea!

Ruth said...

I think this is a great idea and want to join the next swap.


heather t said...

I like this idea! What about having the swap partner add a little fabric from her (his?) stash to the quilt as well?

Sara said...

What a great idea!

The List Writer said...

Marvellous idea!

Lisa & Jason said...

How about if we choose one fabric as an inspiration and let the partner go from there? I like to see what my partner would mix in.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

this sounds like fun :)

i have e-mailed you a couple times about never receiving my place mat swap package :( do you happen to have any news? i haven't heard back from you yet so i thought i'd ask. thanks a bunch!

Christy/MommaOnTheMountain said...

I like the idea of giving a starting point for a fabric theme....and would like to participate however I am a little gun shy as I never recieved my end of the swap from the placemat/napkin swap.

Adrienne said...

I can't decide if I like this or not. I love the idea of buying your own fabric, but is a quilt TOO big of a swap item? Is there even such a thing? I am fairly new to swaps, so if this is rubbish label it as such and let the swapping begin! I haven't voted yet; need more time to think.

froghair said...

I like this idea -- how better to ensure that you'll like the outcome than by choosing the fabrics yourself?

Reading over the comments here, I am so saddened to hear that folks were still missing placemats/napkins from the previous swap. I find it frustrating that people sign up for the swap without really considering if they can commit to following through.

My plea for future swaps: folks! take a moment and really think about whether or not you can fit this into your schedule. It's easy to say "yes! that sounds like fun!" and then get too busy or procrastinate and then forget. We're all crafters here, we understand having several projects going at once (not to mention families, work, school, etc), but please, take a deep breath and think it over. No one will think less of you if you recognize this and sit this swap out if you just don't have the time/energy/inclination to participate.

Stepping down from the soapbox now... thanks for listening!

Rainma said...

I love the idea of choosing your own fabric and then letting your swap partner personalize it as they want to. Froghair, great comment. Do you think some people say yes and then feel their skills won't measure up? I just finished and sent off a swap apron & I am so worried about my swap partner liking it. Just wondering & no, I wasn't in the placemat swap. But I want to do the lap quilt! Sounds like fun!

froghair said...

Rainma -- thanks! after I posted, I got worried that I'd gone too "ranty" in my comment. : )

It hadn't occurred to me that swappers might second guess their skills, though I'm sure that's a possibility. I rather assumed it was a time-to-spare issue.

And don't worry, I am *sure* your swap partner will love the apron!

melissa said...

i really like the idea of combining fabrics from personal stash AND partners stash...that way it is a joint effort...

and...this is not a hard project or too BIG for a swap. i've made a couple and they are quick and easy and LOVED!

...and...i haven't received my swap package yet, either...


any news?

Adrienne said...

That is a lot of people who haven't gotten swap packages! Are people who don't fulfill their end of the deal allowed to sign up for future swaps? What's your general 'rule' on this? Do you need people to make angel placemats?

drizzle said...

Actually, in both swaps there were about 4-5 people that didn't get their item from their partner. I don't know, but out of 75-85 people, I guess that's not too bad. Still kind of crappy, but...

I would guess that people that don't fulfill their end of the swap are blocked from future swaps from the same organizer, but from swap to swap it's hard to say. The people that didn't send items in the first swap never tried to sign up for the second.

I may need some angels, again, but I am trying to work it out. I do wish that people could just be honest and say I thought I could keep my committment, but things have come up and I can't. At least then the waiting partner doesn't have to wait weeks/month for a return. During the Pleated Beauty Bag swap one partner couldn't make a bag for her partner so when she recieved one she sent it off to her partner. I thought that was very kind and very appropriate. I wish more people had thought of this and not been selfish.

Well, I guess I got up on the soapbox and I'll step down now... ;]

I like the idea of having the option to add fabric from personal stash is a good one and will be added to the swap when sign-ups start.

I plan to open up the swap for sign-ups this weekend for about 7 days. Hopefully I will get partners out by September 14. We can shop and send our fabric by September 29 and have the quilts made and sent back by October 27. That should give everyone's schedule time to reset from the end of summer, back to school, etc. and not hinder holiday sewing too much.

This is now the end of the world's longest comment.

Katy said...

is this an international swap? If so I'd love to join in!

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