Friday, September 5, 2008

Easy Lap Quilt Swap Info

Yea! I am so glad 81% of voters liked the guidelines for the Easy Lap Quilt Swap. The suggestions in the comments were great and we will use some of them in the final guidelines.

Here we go:
  • You purchase our own fabric for the quilt (pattern from Amy Karol's Bend-the-Rules Sewing). That way you definitely like the combination and can choose the fabrics that feel good against your skin (and you can spend as much or as little as you see fit).
  • I'll organize the swap partners then send you your partner's mailing address. You'll mail your fabric to that person and receive a package of from another swapper. *comment about this below*
  • Use the fabrics to create an Easy Lap Quilt for the person whose fabric you received. Feel free to add in material from your stash (great idea heather t), add embellishments such as applique, printing, or free-motion quilting, etc. Add from your stash, appliqueing, printing or free-motion quilting are just suggestions. You can use them or just simply follow the pattern, it is totally up to the quilter.
  • Mail the completed quilt back to the person who sent you the fabric.

Of course you'll what to post pictures on the Bend-the-Rules Sewing Flickr group. If you search on the group pool there are some great Easy Lap Quilts posted already.

The quilt is not hard, but I do think it will take some time. Remember when you were in grade school and you had a big project. Teachers would set benchmark dates or little mini-deadlines to make sure you didn't keep yourself (and your parents) up all night the night before the project was due, trying to do everything at once. I plan to make posts and send out reminder e-mails at least a few days before the deadlines (and maybe between them) just to keep everyone on track.

Dates to remember:

  • Sunday, September 14 - Last day to sign up for the swap
  • Wednesday, September 17 - You'll receive your partner's swap information
  • Monday, September 29 - Mail your fabric to your partner by the time the post office closes
  • Monday, October 27 - Have the quilt finished and in the mail back to your partner

If you would like to participate in this swap, please e-mail the following information to jimmydogbrand(at)aol (dot)com:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Blog, website or Flickr ID
  • *Answer to this question: Do you want to swap fabric with the same person making your quilt? For example Annie, Bette, Chloe and Dahlia signed up for the swap. Annie and Dahlia will exchange fabrics and quilts with each other (not like the past swaps) OR Annie sends her fabric to Bette and receives fabric from Dahlia. Annie uses Dahlia's fabric to make Dahlia a quilt, then receives a quilt from Bette (like the past swaps aka blind swapping). Just answer with SAME partner or DIFFERENT partners.

This swap is open to everyone, even international. However, with the tight deadlines I will only match you with a person from your same country. For example the Americans will have American partners. Australians will have Australian partners, etc. *We have swappers from the UK and Australia. If you were hesitant to sign up in case no one else did, don't worry, you're not alone. Send me your info!

Just a thought to keep in mind: The USPS has great Flat Rate shipping envelopes and boxes. Take advantage of them. Definitely weigh it out, but I think the fabric will fit in a Flat Rate envelope (which will cost you $4.80 in postage). The final quilt should fit in a Flat Rate Shirt Box (which will cost you $9.80). The weight limit is 70 pounds, so I think we'll be OK. If you are shipping cross country, it is a great option. Of course, check with your local post office or online at to make sure it's the most economical shipping method, but it usually is. Also make sure to read the comments, great suggestions!

Wow, that got long. Sorry. Make sure to send me your sign-up info by Sunday, September 14.

Please think seriously about the time commitment this project requires. If you know fall, September/October is very busy for you make sure you can meet the deadlines and have fun with the project. It is an awful feeling to put so much time and effort into a swap and not receive a project in return. Additionally, if you do sign up for the swap and something comes up in your life, please let me know. We can work it questions, no pressure, no guilt.

Thanks and I am really looking forward to this project! =]


froghair said...

woo hoo! sending my sign-up email now...

RamFam said...

Just a note: sometimes it is cheaper to send it in the USPS box that isn't flat rate, but looks the exact same. Have them weigh it and see which is more beneficial. (Just a thought?)

Adrienne said...

Also, if you're ordering your fabric online for your quilt, you could have them ship it directly to your partner. Just a thought!

Leah said...

If you'll have me I'd love to join in.

I've sent my details to you.

Mom said...

I'm sending my contact info. to you now. This is going to be great! Thanks for hosting.

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