Friday, March 20, 2009

Charming Handbag: T- 10 Days

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the 10 day mark until the end of the swap. Please have your package in the mail NO LATER THAN Tuesday, March 31. Remeber to email me when your package is sent (along with the tracking number) and email me when you recieve a package. If for some reason you will be delayed, PLEASE let me know. I'd rather know that someone needs an extension than think their partner has been jipped.

Also, we have some great photos going up in the BTRS Flickr group. If you are in need of inspiration, just look there. Don't forget to tag your photos with 'btrsswap' (one word) so that they can be included in the slideshow.


Gretchen said...

Should we post pics once we get ours or of the CH we made?

vamp designs said...

just wondering waht the tracking number is? I am an aussie, is it an american thing?

Adrienne said...

@Gretchen: We normally post pics of the bag we make. If your partner can't post pics of the bag she makes for you, then feel free to post it, too!

@Vamp: Tracking number is a way we can follow the progress of our packages across the country. It's cheap here; less than a dollar. If there's something like that where you are then go for it; if not, that's OK. It's also a way for me to know that YES, you really did mail a package.

Anonymous said...

Greetings! Tracking says Traci received her handbag last Saturday. Did it really arrive?

Thank you for the update,
Shelba Durston