Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Charming Handbag = Blind Swap

Alright swappers, here's another clarification for you. I misworded my 'partner' email and I believe it has caused some confusion. Sorry!

Instead of stating, 'your partner is...', I should have said, 'you will be sewing for...'. The Charming Handbag is a blind swap. This means that if we have swappers Ann, Becky, Carla, and Donna that Ann is sewing a purse for Donna, who's sewing for Becky, who's sewing for Carla, who's sewing for Ann. No one is giving to and getting from the same person. So, you will be sewing for one person and receiving from another.

Hope that clears things up and sorry again for the mistake!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Excellent! I thought about posting my fabric choice and even the finished product on my blog, but I was afraid the recipient would see her purse (knowing it was hers) before she received it.

I bought my fabric yesterday! I can't wait to get started.