Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Semi Simple Pillows

A new swap is here! This swap will hopefully be both quick and creative, the perfect swap to start and finish before the holiday craziness begins. Sign-ups close October 23, partners out by October 26, packages in the mail by November 16. Like I said, QUICK!

We will be swapping a pair of custom Semi-Simple Pillows (just the cases, everyone provides their own inserts). When you send in your swap information, please either attach a photo or provide a link to a photo or two of the space where you'd like the pillows to go (living room, bedroom, reading chair, cozy nook, etc.) It is my hope that partners will use the photos for inspiration and create a beautiful addition to the space.

NEW!!! I've created a Flickr group specifically for our swaps. Feel free to join (if you are a swapper) and add your space photo (or two) to the group pool. This will also be another place to discuss swap projects and post completed photos (along with the normal BTR groups). http://flickr.com/groups/btrsswap

To help direct your partner I will also be asking for words to describe your space. Use these words as your guide as you design! For example, I would describe my living room as earthy, eclectic, and textured.

This is blind swap! That means that on October 26th I will email you information about the person for whom you are sewing. They will NOT know who you are until you send them a package. Be sure to include a way for your partner to contact you in your package!

Again, you are creating and mailing TWO Semi Simple Pillow CASES as described in Amy Karol's book, 'Bend the Rules Sewing'. Feel free to use techniques from 'Bend the Rules with Fabric', too! Shipping costs should be low, as we are NOT mailing inserts!! Make sure your cases fit store bought 18" pillow inserts before you send them!

Ready to start? Raise your right hand and repeat after me, "I will follow through with this swap. I will mail a package. If I cannot, I will let Adrienne know before the Nov. 16 mailing deadline. I do not flake out on my commitments." Now, send me an email at BTRSSwap@gmail.com and include the following information:

Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Blog, Flickr, etc:
Willing to ship internationally?
Three words to describe the space of these new pillows?

Questions can also be sent to BTRSSwap@gmail.com

Let's get swapping!
Adrienne M.


Turtles In North Dakota said...

I just sent you an email. This sounds like a blast! I have to order my book so I will do that right now.

Caitlin T. said...

as soon as i take a picture of my space, i'll be emailing you my details. looking forward to participating in my first swap!

Soja said...

Ok, sounds good. I'll email when it stops raining and I can get some photos.... although I'm stuck with my landlady's (probably dead mother's) furniture/decor that's not really my thing..... Hmm.... Maybe to go on the balcony, with my table, chairs and plants....

Adrienne said...

Woohoo! We've got swappers! Keep 'em coming. Glad to see some new and some familiar faces. Spread the word!

Adrienne said...

Hi there. Just wanted to check in b/c I think my email to sign up got lost in cyber space. I sent two emails (before the deadline) but haven't heard anything. If I've missed this round no worries. Just thought I would check in to see if the swap was still on or if there had been any changes. Thanks!

someofakind at gmail dot com

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