Saturday, February 14, 2009

Charming Handbag Swap Sign-ups

It's official... BTRS Swap #4 will be the Charming Handbag! What a great way to celebrate the coming of Spring!

Not only will we swap handbags, but I invite you to include something crafty as well. This can either be something for your partner to use in the future (fat quarters, rick rack, ribbon, buttons, etc.) It could also be something you've made in addition to the bag. I am refraining from 'requiring' the no-cash wallet as many sewers have had dilemmas with getting the dimensions of the wallet correct. If this is something you'd like to tackle, by all means go for it, but feel free to include something else. There is a $5 (or its equivilent in materials for something you make) limit for this extra surprise.

Here's the info you need to sign-up and swap!

Sign-ups open NOW and the final day to sign-up will be Saturday, February 28. You will receive your partner information by email no later than Saturday, March 7. Sew your handbag, find your extra goodies, and ship the whole deal off to your partner no later than March 31. [Other swaps have been longer, but this bag is very simple and can be made in an hour, no problem. Plus, I find I myself am better at deadlines when they are closer, rather than further away.]

If you would like to sign-up, please send me an email at [note the double s!]and include the following information.

-Mailing address
-Preferred colors, patterns, fabric designers, etc.
-Disliked colors, patterns (if any)
-Blog address and/or Flickr name [The BTRS blog will link to all participants with links. This is also helpful for your partner to get a sense of your style and taste.]
-Whether or not you’re willing to ship overseas

For those of you who have sewn this project before, be on the look-out for an upcoming post where you can share any tips or thoughts you might have on the Charming Handbag.

Good luck and happy swapping!


Soja said...


Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

I just emailed you to sign up!

Kelly said...

I'm keen, will email you in a mo. Am trying to finalise the partners for my International Women's Day Swap atm, got distracted when I saw your swap on the blog of one of the participants in my swap - LOL! I love blogland! :-)

shelia said...

I emailed my info..but i don't see my name on the list...just double checkin'