Monday, October 13, 2008

Two weeks to go

Just a friendly reminder quilts should be in the mail two weeks from today. How is everyone doing? I've seen several wip and finished quilts on the flickr group. Let me say I am very impressed.

I also wanted to pass along a binding tip I saw on oh, frannson! She used hair clips to hold the binding in place has she handstitched. Genious!


Mama said...

I'm almost finished! Perfect timing on the binding tip. I'm ready for the hand sewing and I'll be digging through my daughters clips before I do.

Beth said...

Yes - I saw that idea on one of her photos too. Needless to say I ran right out and got a bunch. My quilt is finished and should be in the mail tomorrow! Yeah!

Kelly said...

I've already received mine in the mail! It's so lovely and I totally love it! But, I'm a little behind on the one I'm making (something about going out of town for an extended weekend really messes with deadlines), so I've got to really put the pedal to the metal this weekend, for sure.