Friday, May 9, 2008

Did you get it? and Vote for the next project

First, I am so glad everyone is so excited about receiving her bag in the mail. I love mail... I will be compiling the flickr photos and posting all the thumbnails here so we can all easily admire our creations (thanks to the amazing design by Amy Karol).

If you haven't yet, please let me know when you both send and receive your bag. E-mail me at jimmydogbrand (at) aol (dot) com. Even if you have/are sending it out late, let me know so I can forward a note to your target partner.

To keep the momentum going, there is a vote on the side bar to decide the next project. Make your choice and vote by May 23 and I'll open the sign-up for the next swap on May 24.

Thanks again for participating in the swap!


Kate said...

loved the swap! thanks for organizing it all - I'm semi-moved in to my house in deep painting stage so I may sit this next one out but I'll come back to the circle later.

drizzle said...

Thanks! Enjoy making your new home homey and we'll save a place in the next swap!

Kris said...

Hello! I sent you an email earlier re: the swap - can you let me know if you received it? Thanks! ~ Kris

The List Writer said...


I've been emailing you as well - can you let me know if my email reached you?

I've really enjoyed this swap - my first one!

Many thanks, Nancy.x

dressmaker in training said...

Hi, I sent you an email as well. Let me know if it reached you. Thanks.