Saturday, March 29, 2008

Swap sign up is closed

Time's up and the swappers are in! I should e-mail you your partner's info in the next few days. I'll put up a post when all the e-mails have been sent.

There are 82 swappers from 5 countries and 29 US states. This kind of blows my mind...way more than I ever expected.

I'd like to remind everyone that (at least in the first edition of Bend the Rules Sewing) the dimensions for the pocket are incorrect. The pocket should be around 10" x 9". I've also read that some of the metric conversions may be incorrect. Please head over to the discussion on the flickr group to find errata and some helpful construction hints.

If you've made the bag before, feel free to add a comment with some advice, tips or tricks. My only mishap: I was really conserned with matching the inside and outside pleatson the top when edge stitching to finish the bag that I forgot to keep the constrasting fabrics matching on the bottom of the bag. You can't see it because it is the bottom of the bag and it's not off too much, but I will pay more attention to the top and bottom seams next time.

Any one else have any tips or tricks?


Anonymous said...

Here are metric conversions :
(2) 26,5x40 EXTERIEUR
(4) 11,5x40 EXTERIEUR
(2) 3,8x56 ANSES
(2) 56x40 DOUBLURE
(4) 6,5x40 PLIS
(2) 3,8x56 ANSES
(2) 56x40 INTERIEUR
(2) 40x12,5 FOND
(1) 38x10 FOND


Tout est en cm

Annie said...

My only issue was that just sewing in the bottom rigid interfacing piece with a couple of "x" stitches didn't work at all. I'm super hard on my bags (and shoes for that matter) and really need to have my bag bottom fused to the fabric if it is going to stay put and not slide around inside the bag. I also really recommend using heavy weight interfacing rather than flannel, but I think that might really be an issue of preference.

onelittletwolittle said...
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Christa said...

When I sewed the bag the first time, I used canvas rather than flannel as a support.
Also, when I had the bag finished, I thought that the straps were rather insubstantial for a bag that can hold so much. When I sew the bag again, I would make the straps wider and reinforced with interfacing or canvas.