Monday, March 17, 2008

Swap it up!

Do you love Bend-the-Rules Sewing as much as I do? I knew you did…let’s swap! This is the first of three, hopefully, Bend-the Rules Sewing swaps. For this swap each swapper will make and receive a Pleated Beauty Bag created from the pattern in Bend-the-Rules Sewing (BTRS) by Amy Karol. Swappers don’t have to take part in every swap, so you can jump in or out as needed. You’ll have to sign up for each swap as they come.

Sign up for the Pleated Beauty Bag Swap will end at 11:59 pm (Eastern Time) on Monday, March 31. If all goes well, I should be able to e-mail the swapping partners by April 2.

The lowdown
~Sign up by sending me an e-mail to jimmydogbrand(at)aol(dot)com. Include your:

  • name
  • mailing address
  • favorite colors/patterns
  • disliked colors/patterns (if any)
  • whether or not you’re willing to ship overseas
  • blog address and/or flickr ID (optional, but helpful for your partner to learn a little about your style)

~Each swapper will make a Pleated Beauty Bag for the swapper whose info is e-mailed to them. Send the bag and a recipe for your favorite springtime dessert no later than Saturday, May 3. Who doesn't love dessert?

~Then, you’ll get a Pleated Beauty Bag (and dessert recipe) from a different swapper. That way we can also…

~Post a picture of your bag(s) on the Bend-the-Rules Sewing Flickr group. Just tag your photo with BTRSswap. Keep it all one word for easy tagging.

~Love your bag and take it everywhere like I do! The beach, the park, the farmer's market, work, knitting meet-ups...everywhere!

If you have a blog and would like to get the word out about the swap, I think this button will work if you copy and paste it. If not, let me know:


Annie said...

I'm definitely up for this. I'm using swaps to get motivated to break out of my sewing rut. I'd love to put the button on my blog but I can't quite figure out how. I'm on Typepad. If anyone knows how to put the button up, please let me know. Thanks!

drizzle said...
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Cakies said...

This sounds like fun! I would love to join...

Kris said...

Hello! I sent an email this w/e with my info to sign up - please let me know if you didn't receive it. Also... can you add to my likes list that I like fabric w/ birds on it? Thanks! ~ Kris

craftyclaire said...

I love your idea, but I can't face to remake the bag again, as it took me so long!!! Due to my inexperience. It is though a great bag, and what a cool thing to swap. All I'd say is check out the errors in the pattern on the flickr group, to avoid thinking "what the?". If measuring in cm some measurements aren't right, go with the inches. Best of luck to all the swappers. If you do a simpler project next, I'll sign up!!! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog!

Adrienne said...
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Adrienne said...

Good point...if you haven't made this bag before, check out the errata info on the discussion of the flickr pool. Also head on over there for great design/fabric ideas.

I can't get a link in this post so copy and paste this:

I will also look up the corrections and make sure to post them on the blog. It will probably happen just after I send the partner info. =]

AIMEE said...

bummer I found out about this too late!! When will the next swap be?